About Alex + Carmen


Alex Garcia

"Growing up in Allentown, Pennsylvania I recall always having a pencil, marker or pen in my hand drawing or doodling. I remember sitting at my aunt's table copying a Smurf character onto typing paper from a notebook I had just gotten for school. I also recall how mesmerized I was when I saw the airbrush artist at the Quakertown Farmer's Market making an image appear out of thin air (no pun intended) right before my eyes. Right then and there I decided as a child of only 8 or 9 years old that I would learn that magic airbrush trickery. My fascination with graffiti had me spending hours upon hours filling my black sketchbooks with designs of characters and letters that no one could read. My love of making images led me to Kutztown University where I was introduced to many art forms including the camera and black and white film. While I had done some photography in high school it wasn't until college that I really starting looking at it as a means to explore and capture the world around me. Throughout my life many things have changed but one thing has remained the same - my love of making images. Whether as a small boy on typing paper with pencil or a shirt with an airbrush or even later on as a painter using egg tempera I have always loved the idea of making an image for others to enjoy. Today that love remains and while the form it takes is through my camera and lenses it is that single life-long passion of making an image to show someone that remains burning ardently in my heart. I hope you can see that love when you view my images."



Carmen Garcia

Before being a professional photographer someone once asked me, "Why are you always taking pictures"? I never understood that question because I've always loved photography. I've had a camera in my hands since I was a little girl. My family traveled every year on long road trips and at times out of the country. Photography was a way for me to connect with those people, places and time. I love memories, making & capturing them. I never want to forget those special times and neither should you.

My goal is to make lasting memories for you and yours so that you will never forget, those in them may always remember, and those to come can cherish all those moments that remind them of "the good ol' days". Memories that last forever, that's what I want to capture for you.

I love color, composition and light. Natural light photography is a passion of mine. I love portraits that capture those beautiful eyes, smile and expression. Creating images of those beautiful landscapes throughout their seasons remind me that I have a creator. I love candid shots of people in their everyday life displaying their joyous moments, pain in their eyes and peaceful solitude.

If you have a vision for your photography needs I can be part of the Garcia! Photography team that captures this for you.

I am Carmen Garcia, at your service.