Preparing for My Portrait

It's time for your portrait session! We are just as excited as you are. We want your session to be an awesome experience which is why we have provided some recommendations regarding how to dress, groom and some other tidbits so you can look and feel your best during this time. These are only guidelines so feel free to let your style shine through however you like.


For the ladies - if possible get your hair and make up done by a professional. Setting aside some time to get this done will go a long way to making you look your best in the images. If possible use makeup that is shine/glitter-free to reduce glare. This includes getting your nails done too.

For the guys - if possible get a nice hair cut and come clean shaven. If you wear a beard make sure it is tidy and trimmed. Also make sure your hands a super clean and your nails are manicured.


When choosing what to wear keep your outfits simple and timeless. Think about your color palette and if it's your style consider coordinating outfits that are not necessarily matching but go together well.

Consider adding accessories like special shoes, scarfs, belts or jewelry that show off your personality and style as a couple.

Before coming to the session look yourself in the mirror at full length and half length and make sure you like what you see. If your clothes are too tight or don't fit well in the mirror they will not look good on camera.

For the ladies - check for bra-straps, panty lines and other non-flattering items that will be hard for us to hide even with Photoshop. We recommend dresses, skirts or jeans that show off your style without being too loud. They should decorate you and bring attention to your face and upper body.

For the guys - make sure your shirt and pants are ironed, clean, no stains and no rips (unless that's the look you are going for). We recommend solid colored shirts for the men, button ups always look nice as long as they are not too busy. Please stay away from t-shirts unless they are v-necks in which case they should still be a solid color and should not have any designs or logos.


Feel free to bring balloons, flowers, hats, signs or other props that will show off your unique personality and we will incorporate them into some of the images we make together.

Lastly and Most Important

Have fun! We will be providing guidance on where to place your hands, position your heads and other body parts etc. to make the pictures look awesome. All you have to do is come relaxed and ready to laugh and have some fun.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions let us know.